Old Man

A frantic-crazed-witty-strong old man.


“It’s dangerous to go alone…TAKE THIS!”

The Old Man found our heroes in the town of Endz. He first gave Jalama Llama a blue sword that didn’t do anything, but as she grew stronger, so did the sword. After our heroes completed the first 3 trials (failing the second trial..), he accepted them as Rift Riders.

The Old Man is quite old. He said he was born around 800-1000 years ago, right around when the first portals began to open. He spent most of his life finding and securing the Weave , founding the Rift Rider’s, and opposing all those who wished the world to end. At some point during his life, he failed his fellow Rift Rider’s and their grand flying ships. His army failed to stop what seemed to be a dark evil. This “Dark evil” though could not continue with it’s plan, because it was also weakened. Now, at the turn of the century (millennia for the Old Man), he found what he hopes is the Heroes that will close these portals and save the world.

-For we are Rift Riders, and we will ride into these rifts, through hell and back, because it’s cool as hell


Old Man

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