Katalina Nin

a tall, beautiful woman, who is not only cunning, but fierce


Fucking strong as hell. Carries a Rapier with runes carved on the hilt


“Watch this”

Katalina is a fierce warrior. Our heroes first met Katalina onboard the Titan Isle after completing the second trial. She carry’s a Rapier that is nimble when she wields it. At the coliseum, our Heroes witnessed her disappearing due to her fast movement and wiping out a large group soldiers in the blink of an eye. Hammer has asked her to teach him that move, which she said in return that she would.

After completing the trials, she opened up to our heroes about her past and about the Rift Riders. She told them about how she once guarded Lydia, the mysterious girl who is apparently a Diety, and failed. AFter failing to protect Lydia, the Old Man found her and had her become a member of today’s Rift Rider’s.

Fun Fact: She does have a Brand of the Rift Rider. It is of her Rapier, and it flows along her spin on the back. The hilt of the rapier begins at the back of her neck and flows all the way down to her lower back. Her command word is “Watch this”

Katalina Nin

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