And then they entered: A heroes quest

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Episode 1
The adventure begins

This adventure begins with three characters, Jalama Llama, Drogo Underhill, and Lep Rick Ahn standing outside of an inn that had just burnt down. Next to them was a goblin who had witnessed everything that had just happened.

Speaking to the goblin, they learned that they had been the ones to burn down the inn. They were staying in it the night before, and they were the only ones to come out of that inn alive. Also, the goblin was a rival business partner to that inn. He was glad that the inn had burned down because it left him as the only person to own a hotel/inn.

Jalama befriended the goblin by seducing him, having him reveal this information. Afterward, the goblin became a fanatic of Jalama. He told them to head to the port because a famous prince was leaving the town (Logue town). The group decided to head that way.

Reaching the port, the group saw a large gathering of people to see the prince off on his voyage. They were able to see on the second deck of the ship, a mysterious person in a black robe glaring in their direction. Our three adventurers decided to hop onto the boat by impersonating as guardsmen. They were able to convince the guardsmen that they were supposed to be on the boat. Jalama, however, stealthily jumped onto the boat in style.

Safely on board the boat, they decided to poke around. As the boat began to depart, they stumbled onto a cargo area, holding some bandits. Seeing the trouble, our heroes sprung into action. They called for reinforcements to aid in their trouble but were able to hold off the bandits. As they were cleaning the area up, the prince came down to greet them.

Prince Tyrion realized quickly that these “guards” were not a part of his detail, but were stowaways. He inquired why they were on board on his vessel. They pointed out that they came aboard because of the mysterious figure. The Prince noted that the mysterious figure was his aid. The robed figure came out and stood next to Tyrion, never revealing his face. Prince Tyrion told them that they would drop them off at the next port, the Town of Endz. In return for defeating the bandits that were after his life, he gave Drogo a compass. He didn’t say what the compass did, but as Drogo grabbed it, he felt a strong magical force compel him. He had a vision of a giant tree, a wasteland, and a giant fish. The boat docked at the shore near the Town of Endz, and our heroes disembarked.

What was the vision Drogo saw? and who was that mysterious figure in the black robe?..


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